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The International Commercial Terms from which the word “INCOTERMS” is derived takes effect on January 1, 2020.

The Spanish Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Secretary General Jordi Sollarés, published a video on the internet:

You've probably heard that using a Trading Company to import and export will make you easier your International Trade.

And it's actually very useful… For example, in imports, when you want to buy in other country and you don't have a “Special Customs License” in Mexico.

In accordance with Article 159 of the Customs Act, Customs Broker is the natural person authorized by the Tax Administration Service (SAT), through a patent, to promote for others the clearance of merchandise in different customs regimes. A Customs Broker can act in up to 4 Customs, that is, in the Customs Office where he is assigned and up to 3 additional authorized Customs.

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